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The Senior High School started on June 13,2016 and the emerging Basic Education landscape is still full of abstractions that are quite difficult to speculate. Be that as it may, the journey of the young Filipino generation towards a desired and promising future- as currently portrayed by Dep-Ed- has begun. And we see these Senior High School students following a road map charted in the context of the Philippine Qualification Framework and with ASEAN economic integration in perspective. Everyone has to understand the emerging consequences of the ASEAN economic integration that is rapidly unfolding. We cannot prevent skilled workers and professionals from other ASEAN countries coming up to the Philippines to look for employment opportunities. Considering that they may be equipped with the necessary competencies expected of 211st Century Knowledge Workers , they may be in a better position to respond to fast changing demands of the industry and the labor market. As a result, our prospective SHS graduates,
Watching the Senior High School Unfold Dir.Lorenzo Emanuel L.Guillermo, CSEE/CESO DirectorIII/Provincial Director particularly those pursuing the tech-voc track, may not be able to match competitively with those ASEAN nationals coming to the Philippines to seek employment. If the SHS graduates will not take the necessary extra step to make themselves ‘’ unfairly competitive ‘’ better prepared, and functionally equipped with the necessary 21st Century Skills , then they are bound to lose their chances of getting the jobs right in their own home country in favor of other ASEAN nationals. It is, therefore, imperative for our young Filipinos to raise their level of competitiveness. Though our Basic Education is experiencing the Senior High School ‘’ birth pains’’, we must lookat it with reasonable degree of optimism and arealistic sense of human resource development We need a significant amount of wisdom and discernment to determine what can be done and what cannot.Above anything else, we have always to bear
in mind that the SHS students who are now in the classrooms will soon take over the reins of the various institutions in our country. How we shape them now will determine the kind of Filipino society we will have in due time. More than this, what about the junior high school completers who were not able to proceed to
SHS? Only time can tell what will happen next.
Watching the Senior High School Unfold

Dir.Lorenzo Emanuel L.Guillermo, CSEE/CESO
DirectorIII/Provincial Director