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The Power and Ability of Skills
(The message  delivered by Dir. Lorenzo Emmanuel L. Guillermo, CSEE/ CESO Director III during the opening program of the 1st Regionwide Skills Competition held at KIT )
Young people showcase amazing performance during skills competitions .We  see them get things done with high degree of precession and accuracy. What our competitors demonstrate during skills competitions is ideally the benchmark of competence that every certified skilled worker must be able to show in the workplace. Certified skilled workers should have the competitor’s high level of confidence whenever they carry out and manage their tasks in the workplace.  This is the ultimate benefit that can be derived from participating or observing skills competitions.
During skills competitions, we believe that what our competitors need in order to be able to survive, and win, is skills. Our competitors do not compete with the other competitors but they compete with themselves. Their individual performance is assessed based on established rating packages.
TESDA is mandated by law to hold skills competitions. Through skills competitions, we build movement that changes young people’s lives through skills. It’s a movement of change. We create this change by inspiring young people to develop a passion through learning a skill, or pursuing excellence during skills competitions.
Skills matter. They change lives by guiding self-esteem and releasing potential. They open up opportunity and connect communities.
Skills competitions develop those skills that are in demand in the industry. This will, in effect, help raise global standards in training and industry engagement.
Our young people connect globally and develop skills together. Skills competitions influence government and educators through international cooperation and research, building a global platform to champion skills!
Skills competitions create immeasurable impact on the lives of our trainees. Skills competitions build the confidence of hundreds of thousands of young people, empowering communities and fueling local and international economies.
With the onset of the 4th Industry Revolution, we all know that we no longer do things the way used to. Tasks have become tougher and more logically challenging, especially if we are not familiar with emerging gadgets and power that are now being used in the industry.
The workplace landscape is changing quick and fast. So if we want to change our life, and that of our community and country ---- we should get involved with skills competitions now!
Joining skills competitions gives anyone the best opportunity to be one of the millions of young people changing their lives with power of skills. Skills change lives.
Joining skills competitions inspire young to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence.
Participating in skills competitions develops skills through global training standards, benchmarking systems, and enhancing industry engagement.
Skills competitions influence industry, government, and educators through cooperation and research ---- building a global platform of skills for all,
The power of skills enlighten and inspire young students for their future.  The ability of skills shape and define their world.
I, therefore, encourage more trainees to join skills competitions and be a change maker. When you participate in skills competitions, you unleash the power of your skills. Through your involvement in skills competitions, you put your skills to the test. And when you demonstrate amazing performance and win, you make people proud and you get the rare chance to present your school, your province, our region, and ultimately our country.
At this juncture, as the representative of the Regional Director of TESDA IX, I hereby declare this 1st Regionwide Skills Competition formally opened.