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Indigenous People Avail Mobile Training Programs
2016 Gender and Development Program

The school Kabasalan Institute of Technology (KIT) intensified   the conduct of the   Mobile Training Programs in far- flung and small barangays of Zamboanga Sibugay The training programs were scheduled simultaneously from February to August 2016.The Mobile Training Programs of the school was primarily conducted to the Indigenous People (IP’s) who are   out of School Youth /unemployed women and men or to those who want to learn additional skills for entrepreneurship or for livelihood.  The purpose of the Skills Training ‘’is to augment family income, self sustenance or to have a better way of living. It also helped them to realize the significant role of women and men in the family to be responsible parents.

The beneficiaries (IP’s) were trained for free in the different qualifications .These were Bartending NCII, Perform Manicure and Pedicure NC II, Cookery NC II ,  FBS NCII,  Cake Making, , Process Food by Sugar Concentration leading to Food Processing NCII, Dressmaking NC II, Tailoring NC II, Process Food by Sugar Concentration and Package Finished Products leading to Food Processing NC II, Process Food by Salting , Curing and Smoking and Package Finished Products  leading to Food Processing  NCII .  The beneficiaries / trainees who finished or completed the training programs also underwent National Competency Assessment as required in the program.

The beneficiaries/trainees  who have passed the Competency Assessment will be given Certificate of Training from the school and   National Certificate (NC II) / or Certificate of Competency (COC)   from TESDA as proof that the trainees /beneficiaries is Competent  and   ready for Job.  The Mobile Training Programs were facilitated by the competent trainers of the Kabasalan Institute of Technology in the different barangays namely; - BPP NCII-132 participants with 120 -female/12male ,trainers Edwin P.Baylon-date- 2/1/2016-2/1916 Palinta, Kabasalan,ZS, Aileenee A.Dacula -date-2/2/2016-2/2-2016 Buayan,Kabasalan,ZS, Edwin P.Baylon-date-3/6/2016-5/10/2016 Lapaz, Naga, ZS, Lovelyn Docejo -date-4/25/2016-5/10/2016 R.T.Lim, ZS ,Aileenee A.Dacula-date-4/25/2016-5/10/2016    Kabasalan, ZS,

Cookery NC II ,-15- participants -all female, trainer-Sheba I.Pallar-date- 4/11/2016-6/10/2016 Kabasalan, ZS , Cake Making -  85 participants - all female, trainers- Jay Mark Capitanea -date- 4/6/2016-4/20/2016 Titay, ZS, Aileenee A.Dacula-date-5/11/2016-5/24/2016 Naga,ZS, Gretchen Jumawan -date-4/11/2016-5/10/2016 Malangas, ZS, and Veronica A.Rasonable-date- 4/11/2016-5/10/2016 Malangas, ZS, Perform Manicure& Pedicure -50 participants- all women ,trainers-Presentacion Pioco-date-4/4/2016-5/52016 TItay, ZS,and Gladys Tiongco-date-4/13/2016- 5/11/2016 Kabasalan,ZS ,Process Food by Sugar Concentration ,-50 -particpants all female , trainers- Evelyn Tuban -date-4/5/2016- 4/20/2016 Kabasalan,ZS and Lovelyn Docejo-date-4/11/2016-4/26/2016 R.T. Lim, ZS, Dressmaking NC II- 47-participants - all women-trainers- Joyce Ann Torrecampo -date-4/26/2016-6/8/2016 R.T.Lim, ZS, and Asther Encarnacion-date-4/19/2016-6/2/2016 Ipil, ZS,

Tailoring NCII -47-participants 43/female 4/male ,trainers- Juvelyn M.Jaukal-date- 4/19/2016-6/2016- Ipil, ZS and Juanita A.Pepino -date4/26/2016-6/7/2016 R.T.Lim,  ZS , Process Food by Sugar Concentration and Package Finished Products - 46 participants with 41 /female/5 male , trainers , Evelyn T.Tuban- date-5/20/2016- 6/11/2016 R.T.Lim, ZS, Jenin Joy Babor -date- 5/26/2016- 6/7/2016- 6/8/2016 Tungawan,ZS , Process Food by Salting ,Curing and Smoking Package Finished Products -52-participants -with 45/female/7/male, trainers- Jenin Joy Babor -date- 5/30/2016-6/25/2016 Tungawan , ZS, Veronica A. Rasonable -date-6/13/2016- 6/25/2016 R.T.Lim, ZS , and Juvelyn Cobico -date- 5/ 26/ 2016-6/8/2016 Tungawan, ZS, and Food Processing NCII  -125 participants with 105/female/ 20/male ,trainers- Edwin P.Baylon-date- 2/29/2016-5/24/2016 Naga,ZS, Jenin Joy Babor -date-2/29/2016-5/24/2016 Naga,ZS , Juvelyn Cobico -date- 2/29/2016-5/24/2016 Tambanan, ZS, and Angeline Rose N.Vallega -date- 2/29/5/24/2016. SMAW NCI -75 participants all male, trainers -Arnulfo A.Aure-date-3/21/ 2016- 4/27/2016- Naga,ZS,  Arnulfo A.Aure- date- 5/11/2016 kabasalan, ZS  and Danilo Tayag -date- 3/28/2016- 5/2/2016 Kabasalan, ZS , Maintain and Repair Audio/ Video Products and System and Leading -48 participants all men trainers- Orlando Tomas -date- 4//4/2016- 5/2/2016- Ipil, ZS and Pepito Pagayon -date- 4/22/2016-6/ 2/2016 Ipil,ZS , Masonry NCIII -100 participants all male ,trainers- Brenda Jambaro-date- 5/11/2016- 6/13/2016 Buayan,Kabasalan, ZS ,Jomari Segunla -date- 5/15/2016-6/13/2016 Concepcion  ,ZS, Philip Trayvilla- date- 5/15/2016-6/13/2016Tamin, Kabasalan, ZS and Eden Mongcopa -date- 5/5/2016- 6/13/2016 Comcepcion, ZS.

The IP’’s beneficiaries /trainees who have availed the Skills Training were approximately 852 beneficiaries /trainees with 605  women  and 247 men participated in the skills training. The training developed their interest to start a small business in their barangays to augment income for the needs of the family and for poverty alleviation.