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Gender and Development Focal Point System Assembly conducted

           In the interest of service and in line with TESDA’s commitment to strengthens its Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System (GFPS).    KIT sent its   GAD Focal   Mrs.Edna G.Chiong  to attend the three day Seminar   on Gender and Development Focal Point System Assembly conducted on November 16-18, 2016 at Tandang Sora Hall, TESDA Women’s Center, Taguig, Manila.

The participants were GAD Focals from the different TTI’s and TV’Is of TESDA.  The purpose of the assembly is to take a lead in direction setting, advocacy and evaluation on mainstreaming GAD perspectives in agency programs, projects, activities and ensure their implementation.
            The program began at 8:30 AM.  Ms. Clara B.Ignacio, Chief, TESDA Women‘s Center highlighted the event in her welcome remarks. Ms. Mylene H.Somera, Supervising TESD Specialist acknowledged the 31 GAD Focal Participants.
         Likewise, Ed Elmer K. Talavera, Executive Director, NITESD  Member ,TESDA GFS-Executive Committee graced the assembly, He profoundly said   in his message that Gender refers to socially constructed differences between men and women, whereas sex refers to biological differences between men and women and he also added that gender equality is a commitment in achieving decent work for all Women and Men, in order to effect social and institutional change that leads to sustainable development with equity and growth. He ended his message by emphasizing equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities that all persons should enjoy, regardless of whether one is born male or female.

        The participants were grouped into four and   took part in daily interactive programming, including resource speaker lectures, small group discussions,   GAD Budgeting and Planning   for CY 2018.  Ms.Joenna P.Tabu GAD Focal, TWC /GFPS Secretariat oriented the participants on the Enhanced Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) Tool.   The participants used the afternoons on workshop on Gender Analysis by Region using the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) Their out-puts were discussed and presented by groups thru power point.   The participants were also lectured by Ms.   Blesshe L. Querijero,PhD GAD Consultant /PCW Certified Member,  National GAD Resource Pool. The lecture was focused   on the Identification of GAPS and Strategies /Activities (By Entry point).

        On the other hand, Querijero did   the Presentation and Critiquing of Workshop Outputs for clarification and evaluation.

On Day  two (2)  November 17, 2016  the GAD Focal  were tasked to prepare a 5-year GAD Agenda (Policy, People, Enabling Mechanisms and PPA’s ) * Taking off from the GMEF Assessment Results guided by  Ms. Maria Clara  B. Ignacio  Chief , TESDA Women’s Center  . She clearly discussed the  guidelines for the preparation of Annual Gender and Development (GAD) Plans and Budgets and Accomplishment Reports to implement the Magna Carta of Women ( PCW-DBM-NEDA)Joint Circular 2012-01).  Lots of fun was experienced by the GAD Focals. They were given the opportunity to have their socialization which was facilitated by Ms. Somera . Singing and dancing reigned in the dance floor as sort of enjoyment.

       On third day November 18, 2016 the Seminar continued, the sharing of GAD Lessons was recaped, and   Input on Results -Based Management and Tools (Logic Model and Performance Measurement Framework) was also included in the presentation of  Ms.Blesshe L.Querijero ,PhdD  as  the   resource speaker.
Aries Glenn P. Montesines  TESD II ,TWC did the program evaluation  at 3:01-5:PM .shortly after  was the presentation of Draft TESDA-GAD Logic to GPFS Executive Chair done by Ms.Maria Clara B.Ignacio Chief TESDA Women Center ,Chair TESDA GAD Focal Point System -Technical Working Group.

       The Closing Program was conducted on November 18, at 4: Pm.  Ms.Miraluna Baje LopezProvincial Director ,TESDA Region X ,  Mrs .Leah D.Braga Provincial Director ,TESDA Region XI and  Ms. Marlyn G.Necesito Chief TESD Specialist ,RTC Baguio  ,TESDA CAR were  requested to give their impressions related to the  Gender and Development Focal Point (GFPS) Assembly .The closing program was graced by Ms. Catherine Milagros R.Galapon Assistant Executive Director ,Planning Office.
The distribution   of Certificates of Training was done individually to the participants. The program ended with the Commemorative photo taking. The seminar has  a multiplier effect to  the participants , who will  continue to monitor and  ensure the implementation of the GAD program at their institutions.